ISV Azure Innovation Series
Hello! Thank you for your interest in attending our independent software vendor (ISV) app innovation series of Envision, Design, and Accelerate events focused on immersive technologies. If you build and provide technology to customers, this event series is intended to help you identify and create project concepts, build technical designs, and develop prototypes to get to market faster. This page lists some relevant resources that may be helpful in preparing for, and getting more out of, these events. Click on either Envision, Design, or Accelerate to get more information on each stage of the series.


At the Envision stage, we review the basics of immersive technologies, see how other companies are leveraging immersive technologies such as HoloLens, dive deeply into the value that you can deliver to your customers and business through these capabilities, and discuss possible ways to identify use cases for immersive technologies to improve your business. Follow these steps to get started learning about immersive technologies and complete the pre-Design checklist to attend the Design sessions:

Step 1: see how other companies are leveraging immersive technologies

  1. Brainshark leveraged artificial intelligence and the HoloLens to take sales to the next level.
  2. Synchro used HoloLens to take construction planning to a whole new level, allowing users to visualize projects details with more clarity and certainty.

Step 2: click here to watch the past Envision webcast

Step 3: complete this pre-design checklist (required to attend Design)

Prepare with videos

  1. Watch this recording on Introducing Fluent Design Systems.
  2. Watch this recording on Build Amazing Apps with Fluent Design.
  3. Watch this recording on HoloLens YouTube channel.

Get started reviewing the APIs:

  1. Review the Fluent Design System.
  2. Review Windows Mixed Reality.
  3. Review Mixed Reality Design fundamentals.
  4. Review Windows Mixed Reality holiday Update.
  5. Review Review HoloLens Hardware Details.
  6. Review Immersive Headset Hardware Details.
  7. Review Unity Development Overview.

Get started creating your own immersive experience and reviewing the samples:

  1. Complete labs in the Mixed Reality Academy.
  2. Download and create an app using the HoloToolkit.
  3. Review GalaxyExplorer sample.


At the Design stage, the Microsoft technical team will show you how to quickly design and architect robust solutions that incorporate immersive-technologies-based capabilities, using your business and technical requirements. You will be able to consult with Microsoft experts, learn best practices, and build a design for your solution. Follow these steps to learn how to design your immersive technologies solution, and complete the pre-Accelerate checklist to attend the Accelerate sessions.

Complete this pre-Accelerate checklist (required to attend Accelerate)

To be the most productive, attendees should have the following items prior to the Accelerate session:
  1. knowledge of the Fluent Design System, Windows Mixed Reality, Ink Canvas, Radial Controller and Surface Dial interactions
  2. Machine configured with Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio Code.
  3. Goals for the event (e.g., implement feature x, migrate module y)
  4. Application requirements/design
  5. Access to an Azure subscription

Attendees from System Integrators and companies NOT engaged in producing software, software services for resale may not find this valuable.


At this hands-on event, the Microsoft technical team will work alongside your engineers to build a working solution based on your design (or an architecture design we helped with at our Design event). At the end of this event, your team should have a working proof of concept to demonstrate how AI-based capabilities can be used to augment your applications and services and bring value to your customers.

Given the nature of this code-based event, onsite attendees will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement and hackfest.

To get the most value out of the Accelerate event, attendees should have the following items:

  1. Laptop with your preferred development environment and tools set up
  2. Application requirements and design (e.g., clarified technical approach) of a potential solution
  3. Data set(s), or access to data set(s), relevant to your project
  4. Access to a subscription in Microsoft Azure (or create a free trial subscription)

If you have any questions, please contact us at: or 1-844-434-USDX (8739)